Protecting your Flower instance from unwarranted access is important if it runs in an untrusted environment. Below, we outline the various forms of authentication supported by Flower.

HTTP Basic Authentication

Securing Flower with Basic Authentication is easy.

The –basic_auth option accepts user:password pairs separated by a comma. If configured, any client trying to access this Flower instance will be prompted to provide the credentials specified in this argument:

$ celery flower --basic_auth=user1:password1,user2:password2

See also Running behind reverse proxy

Google OAuth 2.0

Flower supports Google OAuth 2.0. This way you can authenticate any user with a Google account. Google OAuth 2.0 authentication is enabled using the –auth, –oauth2_key, –oauth2_secret and –oauth2_redirect_uri options.

–auth is a regular expression, for granting access only to the specified email pattern. –oauth2_key and –oauth2_secret are your credentials from your Google Developer Console. –oauth2_redirect_uri is there to specify what is the redirect_uri associated to you key and secret

For instance, if you want to grant access to and

$ celery flower --auth="|" --oauth2_key=... --oauth2_secret=... --oauth2_redirect_uri=

Alternatively you can set environment variables instead of command line arguments:

$ export FLOWER_OAUTH2_KEY=...
$ celery flower --auth=.*@example\.com
NOTE: Enable Google Plus API in the Google Developers Console under APIs & auth -> APIs -> Google+ API
Otherwise you will get a 403 Forbidden error despite correct OAuth configuration.

GitHub OAuth

Flower also supports GitHub OAuth. Flower should be registered in <> before getting started. See GitHub OAuth API docs for more info.

GitHub OAuth should be activated using –auth_provider option. The client id, secret and redirect uri should be provided using –oauth2_key, –oauth2_secret and –oauth2_redirect_uri options or using FLOWER_OAUTH2_KEY, FLOWER_OAUTH2_SECRET and FLOWER_OAUTH2_REDIRECT_URI environment variables.:

$ export FLOWER_OAUTH2_KEY=7956724aafbf5e1a93ac
$ export FLOWER_OAUTH2_SECRET=f9155f764b7e466c445931a6e3cc7a42c4ce47be
$ export FLOWER_OAUTH2_REDIRECT_URI=http://localhost:5555/login
$ celery flower --auth_provider=flower.views.auth.GithubLoginHandler --auth=.*@example\.com